Mint Butter Creams

I am one who frowns on calling medicine “candy” with children.  I don’t think medicine necessarily has to taste good.  What’s wrong with learning to “take your medicine”.  Bitter pills are part of life, after all.  I also think it encourages abuse of medicine to call it candy.  That said, we have learned that coconut oil, which is really good for us, but not so pleasant to take straight or added to beverages, can be just great when mixed with a few ingredients and frozen.  I didn’t want to call them “candy”, but I admit, we often ended up calling them “oil candy”.  Now that doesn’t sound very appetizing anyway, so I had to work on the name. The Coco-nutty Bark was easy to name without calling it candy, but these creams have come from a long line of experiments that didn’t start out looking like a “cream”.  Once they did, the name was obvious.

A couple of points to make about this recipe:   1) It seems like there is no way to create a recipe with the perfect amount of mint.  What one person thinks is great is too much or too little for another, so I have a range in the recipe.  Trial and error will tell you how much mint to use, and of course they differ from brand to brand and from the type of mint used.  2) If you are on a diet that allows honey, like the GAPS diet, these will taste even better with a tablespoon or so of honey, but for those of us who can only use stevia, these are still great, and so much better than just taking coconut oil by itself.  3) Chocolate extract (if you want to use it) doesn’t taste all that much like chocolate, so don’t expect too much, but if you use your imagination, it does remind you of chocolate.  If you don’t use it, these are just great anyway.  That’s why I didn’t call them Chocolate Mint Butter Creams.

Each cream will give you about a tablespoon of fat, and 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Makes 10-16 depending upon size

½  cup coconut oil (in solid form)
¼ cup butter
¼ cup coconut cream (that rises at the top of coconut milk)
½ teaspoon green stevia
1/2 -1 teaspoon mint extract
2 teaspoons chocolate extract (optional)

In a mixer, mix together the solid coconut oil, butter and coconut cream.  Gently take the cream off of the top of the coconut milk and try not to get the watery part.  Don’t over beat.  Mix in the stevia and the extract(s).  Drop by tablespoon on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, wax paper or a silicone mat.  Smash them down a bit because they are harder to bite if they are too thick.  If you prefer a bark, spread them out thin.  Freeze for 15-30 minutes and store in a container in the freezer.

They can also be put in the refrigerator for a softer cream, but they melt very quickly, so I prefer the freezer.


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