Creamy Yogurt Cheese

Creamy Yogurt Cheese is the base for many recipes I make.  I use it to make sandwich spreads, dips, creamy sauces and even cheesecake.  It can be substituting in any recipe that calls for cream cheese.  This cheese is delicious and creamy.  It is surprisingly easy to make.  I make at least one batch every time I make yogurt (I make very large yogurt batches).  At first I used dish towels to drain the yogurt, but I make cheese so often that I purchased a package of 9 large handkerchiefs and they worked great.  I use one for draining and put another on top to protect my cheese from any un-desirable things that might want to get into it.  I store the clean handkerchiefs in a re-closeable plastic bag to keep them clean.

Makes 2 ¼ cups

3 Cups creamy yogurt (any of the three kinds)

Place a kitchen towel, handkerchief or cheese cloth loosely over a pitcher or tall container so that there is a well that can hold the yogurt.  Secure it with a rubber-band.  Place yogurt into the well and cover with a clean cloth.  Let drain for 24 hours or more.  What drains out is whey which can be used in lacto-fermented drinks, vegetables and fruits.  What remains in the fabric is a soft cream cheese.  The longer it drains the more firm it will be.  If desired, let it drain in the refrigerator (I just use the counter).


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