His cancer stopped growing

In March of 2010, we started a diet and supplement program in hopes of lengthening out the life of my 25 year old son, Bryan, who had a rapidly growing brain tumor.  Shortly before we started this diet, we had been told that he had only 2 months to live.  Within 1 month of starting this diet, his tumor stopped growing.  1 year later his tumor still had not grown and as a bonus for me, I had lost 35 pounds. That was when I started this web site. .This nutrient dense diet has done so much in our lives, that I wanted to share information, recipes and hope for others who might be looking for a nutritional boost in their fight to kill cancer.  When compared to other ways to kill or at least slow down this diabolical monster,  a ketogenic diet is a much kinder and gentler way.

I make no claims about what this diet can do for someone else, but I do want to make information available for those who choose to follow a high fat/low carb diet for any purpose.

Note: On January 22, 2013, Bryan passed away quietly having had a good quality of life with almost no  pain for 3 years. I attribute that to the “kindly” nutritional treatments and the ketogenic diet we followed.  His time on earth was finished and his pathway out was filled with great food and a good quality of life.  We were blessed. Bryan’s Quest for health is done, but mine continues on.